Sivunivut Board of Directors
Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation Inc. Board consists of the following:

The Board of Directors is comprised of beneficiaries living in the community elected at an Annual General Meeting of its members; with the exception of the Chairperson. The Chairperson is elected in the Nunatsiavut Government elections. The term of the Board is usually four (4) years.

The current Board of Directors are as follows:
Chairperson - Jeffrey Montague
The Chairperson:

- Acts as the principal executive officer of Sivunivut Inuit Community Corporation;

- Is a member of the Nunatsiavut Assembly.

Specifically, under section 11 of the Corporation's Bylaws:

11. The Chairperson shall:

(a) be responsible for the overall supervision and administration of the affairs of the Corporation;

(b) preside at meetings of the general assembly and chair meetings of the Executive Committee;

(c) in consultation with the Secretary, prepare agendas for meetings of the general assembly and of the Executive Committee;

(d) ensure that all policies and actions approved by the general assembly and by the Executive Committee are consistent with the aims and objectives of the Corporation and are properly implemented; and

(e) represent the Corporation and its members in the Nunatsiavut Assembly to ensure that issues affecting beneficiaries of North West River and Sheshatshiu and the Corporation's interests are considered in the Assembly .
Vice Chair - Heather Campbell
The Vice-Chair shall:

- Fulfill the duties of the Chairperson when he or she is temporarily absent or is
otherwise unable to perform the duties of Chairperson; with the exception of attending the Nunatsiavut Assembly; and

- Assist the Chairperson and perform specific duties assigned by the Chairperson,
the Executive Committee and the general assembly.
Treasurer - Carol Matthews
The Treasurer shall:

- Be responsible for the care and custody of the funds and other assets of the Corporation;

- Deposit all monies received in a chartered bank and make payments on this bank for all approved expenses incurred by the Corporation;

- Maintain full and accurate books of account and of all financial transactions of the Corporation;

- Report to each regular meeting of the Executive Committee on the financial accounts of the Corporation;

- Present a financial report at the annual meeting of the general assembly which shall include an audited statement of the accounts of the Corporation and a budget for the next financial year;

- Submit the annual budget of the Corporation for the next calendar year to the Nunatsiavut Executive Council for approval before the end of September of each year; and

- Report to the Nunatsiavut Government and the federal and provincial governments on all required financial matters.
Secretary - Tammy Michelin
The Secretary shall:

- Be responsible for circulating notices, agendas and minutes of meetings of the
general assembly and the Executive Committee;

- Ensure that minutes are prepared and that minute books are properly maintained for meetings of the general assembly and of the Executive Committee;

- Be responsible for correspondence with the membership and for maintaining internal communication within the Corporation;

- Maintain proper custody of the corporate seal;

- In consultation with the Registrar and with reference to the Register, maintain an up to date list of the members of the Corporation; and

- File all forms, notices and returns that are required to be filed by the Corporation under any law of Newfoundland and Labrador or Canada including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, a notice of any change in the Directors of the Corporation and the annual return required by section 408 of the Corporations Act.
Directors - Dean McLean, Brenda Saunders, Janice Allen-Parsons
Summary of responsibilities and duties of the Board of Directors

- To set the overall goals and objectives of the Corporation and to establish policies that can be used to attain these goals and objectives.

- Be responsible for upholding the Articles of Association and the By-laws.

- The Board does not have direct responsibility for day-to-day operations and implementation of programs. Board members may work with Staff and advise them. It is important for Board members to realize that when they move from policy to implementation, their role changes dramatically and they are no longer viewed as being in charge.

- Directors of the Corporation must show the utmost good faith towards the Corporation in any transaction with it or on its behalf, and must act honestly in the exercise of their powers and the duties of their office.

- Directors must act within the powers granted to them in the Articles of Association.

- Directors must perform reasonable duties, as expected from persons of their knowledge and experience.

- Directors' duties are of an intermittent nature and are to be performed at periodic Board meetings, or at meetings of Committees.

- Directors are not bound to attend all meetings but have to follow the By-laws of the Corporation.

- Directors must know (and are always presumed to know) the By-laws of the Corporation.
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